Welcome to your Vendor Gateway Training page. Here, you can find relevant supporting documentation for the Vendor Gateway system. This includes: training information, important communications from your support team, and contact information.

NOTETo ensure the training material functions correctly, your workstation screen resolution has to be set as 1024x768 as a minimum. Large resolutions are recommended for optimal experience.



For questions about training and functional/technical support, please send an e-mail to the following support address: 


When contacting the support team, please utilize the Issue Checklist to ensure that you provide the information necessary for the support team to promptly assist you.

There will be two "live" Vendor Gateway virtual-Instructor Led training sessions held each month:

  • 2nd Wed. of every month @ 8 a.m. (Houston time)
  • 3rd Wed. of every month @ 8 p.m. (Houston time)

Training sessions last ~1 hour. Register for a session by sending an e-mail request to Gateway.Vendor@deepwater.com.


The following sessions are scheduled for 2016:

Note: Sessions may be altered to accommodate the holidays.